Licht + Technik is a trusted partner of various companies whose sectors require innovative strength, reliability and quality. Together with you, we look into the future and take an active part in the change towards new technologies.

Solar industry

Solar Industry

The solar industry is undertaking a closed approach to innovative technologies worldwide. Licht + Technik has been an acclaimed A-level-supplier for many years to leading companies in the solar industry.

Wind Power

Wind power accounts for the largest share of electricity generation from renewable energies in Germany. Due to the constant increase in efficiency, ever higher demands are being placed on the individual components. Licht + Technik sees themselves as experts when it comes to making high demands a reality.

Railway industry

Railway Industry

Where there are rails there is electricity and where there is electricity there is Licht + Technik. With the electrification of rail transport, also our importance in the industry grows. This is why we have been producing products which drive rail transport forward for years.

Electric Mobility

The increasing environmental awareness of consumers and the progressive importance of climate protection call for new, more climate-friendly solutions, also in the automotive industry. The electrification of vehicles is in the public focus and is also a forward-looking business segment for us and our partners.

Electric mobility


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